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if your age was your battery, how old would you be? ♡ @9.41pm⠀⠀
if your age was your battery, how old would you be? ♡ @9.41pm⠀⠀ – " She’s strong.
Whenever the world hurts her, she fakes a smile and keeps on going as if nothing happened. As if she’s perfectly fine. As if her heart is unbreakable.
She looks strong. But she doesn’t feel strong. She feels like she’s living a lie, like everyone gives her more credit than she deserves.
After all, everybody only thinks she’s strong, because they see a single side of her. They see her during the day, when she has enough energy to pretend. But they don’t see her at night, alone in her bedroom, when she’s too tired to outrun her problems.
She never lets anyone catch her when she’s vulnerable.
She doesn’t see the point in sharing her hurt. Her friends consider her the funny one. The bubbly one. The problem solver. They come to her with their issues. They expect her to know what to do. They expect her to have her shit together.
So, she doesn’t let herself explode. She listens. She understands. She tries to be a good friend.
Even though she looks strong, even though she is strong, her fears won’t leave her alone. They follow her home every night, into her bedroom, into her dreams.
And they make her feel small. Worthless. Useless.
She hates that the rest of the world sees her as one thing, as a beautiful independent woman, while she sees herself as something else entirely. 
She doesn’t realize that she’s as strong as iron, because she keeps going. She’s strong, because she still has hope. She’s strong, because she’s capable of smiling through the pain.
She’s strong, because she’s still alive, even though she’s witnessed how cruel this world can be. " (via hollyyrio)
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Mission sunset. #bestoftheday #galicia #palms #sanxenxo #vsco #vscocam #weekend
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Would you ?💖 #FeatureMe #Lipsynce #Love (made by @ _cure_the_broken_ with @musical.ly) ♬ original sound - rose.melodies. #musicallyapp #rosemelodies #originalsound #music #musicvideo #musical #musica #followme #bestoftheday #instadaily
Would you ?💖 #FeatureMe #Lipsynce #Love (made by @ _cure_the_broken_ with @musical.ly) ♬ original sound - rose.melodies. #musicallyapp #rosemelodies #originalsound #music #musicvideo #musical #musica #followme #bestoftheday #instadaily
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🔥1997🔥 {naomi campbell and joaquin cortés}
🔥1997🔥 {naomi campbell and joaquin cortés}
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Hops level 9000🚀
#bunnies #hops @dexton4
Hops level 9000🚀 #bunnies #hops @dexton4
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#ZumbaInstructor weddings be like.. Tag your #ZumbaBestie if this is what your future wedding would look like! The song? 'Shaky Shaky' by @daddyyankee 
#Zumba #ShakyShaky #BrideGoals #DaddyYankee
🎥: @ecem_ozcan
#ZumbaInstructor weddings be like.. Tag your #ZumbaBestie if this is what your future wedding would look like! The song? 'Shaky Shaky' by @daddyyankee #Zumba #ShakyShaky #BrideGoals #DaddyYankee 🎥: @ecem_ozcan
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Arkadaş değil o herşey tabi @mamisilinn  başka 😂😂 kıskanır şimdi 💩#popular #instagood #tbt #iphonesia #photooftheday #instamood #picoftheday #bestoftheday #instadaily #igdaily #instagramhub #instacool #me #photo #twelveskip #beautiful #girl
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try comment
try comment "alone" letter by letter without interruption. movie: new girl (2011) 🎥 - follow me (@overtrying) for more movie quotes 🌹. —"1.) Delete his number so you’ll stop drunk texting him and so that when you’re crying on the bathroom floor in the middle of the night you won’t call him.
2.) Stop comparing yourself to her. Put sticky notes on your mirror to remind yourself to be who you are because if you round out your edges, you’ll lose your edge.
3.) When you’re thinking about what he’s doing and where he is, don’t let yourself check what he’s tweeting and what pictures he’s posting. You can’t keep hurting yourself while also trying to fix yourself. 
4.) Put everything he ever gave you and all the pictures of him kissing you on the cheek in a box and tape it up and throw it in the back of your closet. Some day when it doesn’t hurt anymore you will open it and smile, but for now, don’t you dare touch it. 
5.) Buy yourself some new clothes and a new lipstick and go out with your friends even if you don’t want to. You will feel good about yourself when you feel beautiful. Remember that you’re beautiful without the makeup too. 
6.) Fill up your schedule with lots of things to do even if you don’t have any obligations. It’s easier when you don’t have a ton of free time to think and think and think.
7.) Stop playing his favorite song and the song you first danced to.
8.) When you take a shower, listen to music that is loud and upbeat and happy, even if you’re not in the mood for it. Dance and sing along to it even if people can hear you. 
9.) Write his name over and over on a clean piece of paper and then crumple it up and burn it with a lighter. 
10.) Stop drinking or smoking each time you get sad about it. Realize that this usually only makes you feel even worse afterwards. 
11.) Kiss boys even if you don’t like them. Sometimes it’s the easiest way to forget about the taste of him. 
12.) Remind yourself that if he wanted to come back, then he would. Stop chasing him. Focus on yourself. You were alive before you met him, too.”
— How to cut him out of your life
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g2g 😏
g2g 😏
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